The Author’s manuscript, ANDIKO uses to create paperback & ebooks. ANDIKO creates a variety of formats such as  children's books, educational content, comics, and manga plus books for tablet devices. ANDIKO will take your current manuscript handwritten, electronic or typed documents and transform them into a paperback book and ebook.
ANDIKO will receive a copy of your manuscript with true 24/7 ultra-personalized service for Data Entry paper copy, handwritten or electronic files. Authors will have the opportunity to make all edits after the Data Entry has been completed. ANDIKO then performs the conversion, making your manuscript into a word processing file. ANDIKO reviews the material for data entry errors and does a spell check on entered data. ANDIKO then sends an electronic version of the book by disk or e-mail, with the manuscript saved as an .RTF (Rich Text Format) file and instructions for reviewing the material.
Carefully review the file against your original, make any final edits or changes to the book file. Return the final manuscript to ANDIKO and we begin the publishing process and turn your manuscript into your professional published book.